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EP5 series

Thin and light appearance, high-performance servo drive

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Functional characteristics
EP5 Series | Thin and light appearance, high-performance servo drive

Thin and lighter design, significantly reduced installation size

● 400W driver volume is reduced by 30% compared to the previous generation

● 750W driver volume is reduced by 40% compared to the previous generation

The model algorithm is improved and the performance is more powerful

● 3kHz speed loop response bandwidth

● Support up to 25bit encoder

● Support online inertia identification, automatic notch, mechanical analysis, gain adaptation

● Bus series products support full closed-loop control

New interface design for greater ease of use

● Compatible with 5V differential/24V single-ended command pulse input, the highest input pulse frequency is 4MHz

● 7-way DI/5-channel DO function customization

● Bus series products use spring terminals, IO solder-free

● Model 1394 encoder interface

Compatible design, more versatile

● Drive output power 100W-15kW

● It can be equipped with rotating motor, direct drive motor and linear motor

● It can be used with single/multiturn absolute value, magnetic knitting, rotation and other types of encoders

More practical functions to meet the personalized needs of users

● Optional dynamic brake

● Support remote firmware upgrade

Optional Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET communication

● Optional STO function for bus series products

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